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Learn. Practice. Share.
We at Islam on Campus try to embody the three words listed above. We begin with ourselves by learning about the religion of Islam so that we develop and mature as human beings. We then practice our faith by putting our words into actions. Lastly, we share the meaning of Islam with everyone in order to foster a greater understanding between us all.


What is Islam?

The Five Pillars
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What do we do?

Upcoming Events
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  What is Fast-A-Thon?   Only IOC’s biggest event of the year! We host over 700 people eac
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Islam Appreciation Month
What is Islam Appreciation Month?Salaam (Peace) everyone! One question that is probably on your m...
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Past Events
Browse some of our past events and explore IOC history!   Lights Will Guide You Home 2013...
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The IOC Chronicles

Empathy, Where Are You?
Empathy, Where Are You?
June 26, 2019
By Wafaa Ateyah Do you, empathy, still exist? Do you still exist in a world where cruelty is trending; Loyalty is a concept too complicated to grasp; Honesty is unknown to many;...
Until He Returns
Until He Returns
September 24, 2014
-By Qanit Takmeel The call has been made and I wait for our leader to stand. It’s early morning and we’ll never understand. How long the siege shall last. How long we’ll remain coo
Fighting for our gifts
Fighting for our gifts
September 23, 2014
- By Maleeha Babar When did people become numbers and bodies become commodities? When I look through my newsfeed, I see lists of deaths. Articles upon articles pile up my newsfeed, fil...