About Us

Learn. Practice. Share.

We at Islam on Campus try to embody the three words listed above. We begin with ourselves by learning about the religion of Islam so that we develop and mature as human beings. We then practice our faith by putting our words into actions. Lastly, we share the meaning of Islam with everyone in order to foster a greater understanding between us all.

Welcome to Islam on Campus
May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you.

On behalf of Islam on Campus — the Executive Board and the General Membership — we would like to welcome you to the University of Florida. We hope that, God willing, you will find your time here of great benefit and will remember the University of Florida as a place where you flourished Islamically, intellectually and personally.

Islam on Campus is an organization devoted to strengthening the Muslim community through service and activism as well as to educating Muslims and non-Muslims alike about the religion of Islam. We also seek to be a source of unity for Muslim students here at the University of Florida. We contribute to the development of the Muslim community here in America and try to remove any barriers to the growth of Islam and the lasting prosperity of Muslims. We struggle for positive social change in all aspects of life and try to provide an atmosphere conducive to the development of future Muslim leaders. All so that we may be of those who are in a constant struggle to perfect their submission to the will of Allah.

To this end, we put forth a myriad of activities such as lectures, social events, study circles, workshops, service projects, and community gatherings. We are always striving to grow and improve the quality of not only our events, but also our organization itself. We invite you to take an active role in this organization. Take advantage of the programs and resources that we offer and become a leader – youth is an opportunity, not a shortcoming. All of the Muslims on this campus will do their best to help you in any way that they can. May your stay here be fruitful, and May Allah bless you always.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at: ioc-eboard@googlegroups.com

– IOC Executive Board