Executive Board Members


President Isra’a Ilyas
Vice President of External Affairs Hamza Yacoob
Vice President of Internal Affairs Nishwa Qazi
Treasurer Mahmood Saboungi
Secretary Mona Samsam
Sisters Coordinator Kubra Khan
Brothers Coordinator Rayyan Khan




FALL 2018: The President holds office hours every Thursday from 12-2 PM at the IOC Office, but check our Facebook page for updates or changes.




Fast-A-Thon Isra’a Ilyas
Islam Appreciation Month Wafaa Ateyah
Publications Hajra Saeed
Webmaster Hajra Saeed
Sisters’ Historian Soofia Akhtar
Brothers’ Historian Shayaan Ahmed
Outreach Mohammed Taha
Community Service Shumail Zaidi
Social Media Eri Vishka