A Final Word

by Mahmood Huda

Well it’s been real IOC.

Don’t you see?

It sure has been an interesting few years.

And never did I think I’d be reduced to mere tears.

This organization has given me so much

And that isn’t just a hunch.

Alright, I know that was pretty cliché

But the memories fill the bay.

Never did I think there were so many like-minded individuals

Who shared the same jewels,

Especially those in the anime lobby

Who understood the Kamehameha hobby

And didn’t brush it off as some simple activity

While sipping their superior tea.

Making mentors from all these folks

Turned all the sorrow into some great jokes.

All the created nicknames

Have taken the shape of many forms of games.

Glad to have partaken in the best skits

Without regretting any bits.

All the memories

Sat inside with ease.

IOC really got me feeling some kind of way

And not just by some random day.

IOC isn’t simply an organization

But a family congregation.