Empathy, Where Are You?

By Wafaa Ateyah

Do you, empathy, still exist?

Do you still exist in a world where cruelty is trending;

Loyalty is a concept too complicated to grasp;

Honesty is unknown to many;

Attention is all people seek; 

Strength is in the harsh words we use and the dry eyes we have; 

Mental health becomes synonymous with mental instability; 

Feelings are too dramatic;

Tears are a marker of weakness; 

Close friends continue eating away at the flesh of one another; 

Streets become safe havens; 

Homes become war zones. 

Killings become mainstream; 

Shootings are expected; 

Rights become privileges; 

Privileges become bragging rights. 

Racism is justified; 

Sexism is unspoken.

So, empathy, do you exist in this world?

If so, where are you?

I need you. 

We need you.