Islam Appreciation Month

What is Islam Appreciation Month?
Salaam (Peace) everyone!

One question that is probably on your mind is, “so what is Islam really about, and who are these Muslims?” President Gerald Ford once said: “For nearly two hundred years, our nation has derived its strength from the diversity of its people and of their beliefs. That strength has been greatly enhanced by [the Islamic] religious heritage.” Yet nonetheless, Muslim Americans are increasingly being stigmatized and targeted today, and no other religion is more misunderstood and maligned than Islam.

As we kick off the semester, Islam on Campus cordially invites you to learn more about – and appreciate – Islam at its annual Islam Appreciation Month (IAM), from Feb 1st to Feb 28th, 2018! We invite you to meet your fellow Muslim American peers, as we come together to build bridges and break barriers.

Islam is a belief system and way of life frequently in the media spotlight, and frequently misrepresented. We do not need to mention the negative depictions and narratives surrounding Islam that are abound in the media, pop culture and the halls of power today, nor the distinction between the recent, condemnable actions of the few and the other 1.6 billion Muslims in the world.

We are offering a variety of awesome events throughout IAM that will give you the chance to challenge such misconceptions and appreciate the fastest growing religion in the world.
All of our events are free and open to the public. We encourage all of you to come out and have a wonderful, uplifting experience and to get to know us!


Questions? Contact us at:

IAM 2018:
One Spark is the Start –
A Community Illuminates the World


When: Sunday – January 28th, 2018
Time: 4pm-6pm
Where: The Wall on 34th Street

The moment you have all been waiting for: IAM 2018 is here!!! To kick off this amazing month appreciating the religion of Islam, we will be painting the wall on 34th street to let the Gainesville community know how proud we are to be Muslims at the University of Florida. Paint and supplies will all be provided at the event. Please wear clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty or stained (guys – no suits) (girls – no prom dresses). Invite your friends regardless of the religion they practice. This month is all about informing our community about our beautiful religion! See you out there inshAllah!


When: Wednesday – January 31st, 2018
Time: 9am-2pm
Where: Turlington Plaza

Join us for our Islam Appreciation Month kick-off event! Hijab-a-thon! will be on January 31st, 2018. This is your chance to get a first-hand hijab experience, no matter your background. Our Hijab-a-thon! comes just one day before World Hijab Day on February 1st!

Hijab is commonly described as a physical covering, but the reality of hijab encompasses so much more. Hijab calls Muslims, both men and women, towards modesty in behavior, character, and thoughts.
What is it like wearing a hijab?
Come out to Turlington on January 31st to find out!

Hijab-a-thon! After Hours

When: Wednesday – January 31st, 2018
Time: 6pm-9pm
Where: Rion Ballroom East

“Dont wonder if I’m oppressed; ask me.”

Hijab-a-thon! After Hours will be a dinner and discussion event. Join us in the Rion Ballroom to share your experience with hijab and learn more about the experiences of others. Any questions and comments are welcomed and appreciated.
Don’t miss out on a night of insightful discussion and great food! Stimulate your mind and your taste buds. We hope to see you in Rion Ballroom East on January 31st!
Doors open at 6:00 PM.

 IAM Bonfire

When: Friday – February 2nd, 2018
Time: 8pm-11pm
Where: Hoda Center

Come stay warm with IOC as we celebrate the beginning of Islam Appreciation Month! There will be Halal hotdogs and smores so come hungry. We are very excited to continue our tradition of kicking off IAM with our Bonfire and Halaqa! See you there!

Islam Fair

When: Monday + Tuesday – February 5-6th, 2018
Time: 10am-4pm
Where: Plaza of the AmericasFree henna? Free calligraphy? Free FOOD?!
Find all these wonderful things and more at our annual Islam Fair! We will be in Plaza of the Americas from 10 AM to 4 PM on February 5th. Have an exam that day? Don’t fret! We’ll be back again on February 6th from 10 to 4 for more fun.
You’ll get not one, but TWO days of exposure to all of our amazing booths! You want games? We got booths! You want pictures? We got booths! You want to ask about Islam? WE GOT BOOTHS!!!

Public Jumaa

When: Friday – February 9th, 2018
Time: 1:30PM-2:30PM
Where: Plaza of the Americas

Islam On Campus would like to invite you to a Public Jumuaa!

What is jumuaa? Islamically, Jumuaa is a day of gathering and reflection. Every Friday, Muslims detach from the hustle of daily life and come together to reconnect with God and with one another. In Arabic, the word jumuaa actually means coming together!
Jumuaa consists of a sermon given by an Imam followed by a short prayer.

Following the prayer, we will be serving free food!!!!!
All are welcome to attend and we encourage you to reach out to the IOC Facebook page for any questions that you may have beforehand.

Prophetic Empathy Workshop

When:Friday – February 9th, 2018
Time: 6-9:30PM
Where: Hoda Center

Join us and Imam Mikaeel for a night of knowledge and faith.

Not sure who Imam Mikaeel is?
Here is his bio:

The class approaches the Prophet SAW’s compassion and mercy from both an Islamic and a psychological perspective, teaching us how the Prophet dealt with people/issues differently depending on the circumstances. It helps us better understand both ourselves and the people around us through examples from hadeeth, which are integrated into the workshop.

Flower Tabling

When: Monday + Tuesday – February 19-20th, 2018
Time: 9am-2pm
Where: Turlington

Come stop by the Islam On Campus table during these 2 days and receive a flower with a positive message attached to brighten up you day! These will be free and no action will be required on your part besides a smile and a thank you. We hope to positively spread Islam On our Campus one flower at a time 🙂

Poetry SLAM!

When: Wednesday -February 21st, 2018
Time: 7-10PM
Where: Root & Pecker

Come out and join Islam On Campus at the University of Florida for poetry night! This is an opportunity for anyone who would like to share their works publicly and to enjoy the positive vibes of Root and Pecker! We will have guest performer and host Tyson Amir deliver some of his spoken word pieces for everyone! This day also marks the day Malcom X was martyred, so we will have poetry segments and pieces incorporated into the event that highlight his life. There are no skills required, but all we ask is for each of you to be respectful and mindful of those who are in attendance 🙂 It will be a very special night! DINNER will be provided!

Relay for Life

When: Friday -February 23rd, 2018
Time: 3pm-3am
Where: Flavet Field

Come join the Islam On Campus Relay for Life team this year on Flavet Field!

What is Relay for Life?
Relay For Life is the signature fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Relay is staffed and coordinated by volunteers in more than 5,200 communities and 27 countries. Volunteers give of their time and effort because they believe it’s time to take action against cancer.

Please join our team: Islam On Campus

Our THEME will be: Scooby Doo!

Closing Ceremony

When: Wednesday – February 28th, 2018
Time: 7-10pM
Where: Reitz Grand Ballroom

Join Islam On Campus for the closing ceremony of Islam Appreciation Month 2018. This ceremony will be banquet style so we encourage you to dress up in semi-formal or cultural attire.

There will be FREE FOOD (Pizza and Ice cream bar!) and FREE IAM shirts (limited quantity so first come, first serve)!

We are excited to celebrate such a successful month appreciating the religion of Islam and hope to see you there insha’Allah!