Nothing but Clay

-By Sumrah Iqbal

“A barrier is formed within my mind,
The serenity of peace I cannot find.
Doubts come together, brick by brick.
A wall is formed – my heart is sick.
Slowly caution slips away.
Slowly I forget I am but clay.

A void is formed,
Its silence so deep.
I begin to shiver – for I cannot weep.

But the moment I step outside that door,
Suddenly the tears I cannot control.
The sight that greets, me humbles me,
The beauty of nature, of Allah, I can see.

The force of the wind chips away at the wall,
The bricks begin to crumble,
And they begin to fall.
Nature’s music allows me to hear,
And the sun allows my sight to clear.

Suddenly my heart takes a breathe,
And my faith is no longer at threat.
A connection is opened – a pathway of peace.

And with I smile I can’t help but say –
Surely, I am nothing but clay.