Islam Makes Sense: Session 1

“Islam Makes Sense” will focus on three distinct aspects of Islam that virtually all Muslims are super-familiar (read: even kinda bored) with: the Quran, the sirah, and salah. The point of these sessions is to go through each of these aspects of Islam and show how they’re actually fascinating and can be very engaging.

We will be discovering previously-unheard of gems from Surah Yusuf, exploring concrete, relatable 21st-century lessons to be derived from vignettes of the Prophet’s life, and gaining information that transforms salah from a ritual habit to something that’s a visceral experience each you time you engage in it.

Discovering how logical and enriching these fundamental aspects of Islam are can help make a dent in our appreciation of this deen.

These seminars will be informal and student led. Participation in relaying this information is open to the general body. All the information necessary has already been written out! All you need to do is execute it! There will be a google doc posted on the event page if you are interested.

Inshallah we hope to see you guys there!

When: Thursday, January 15th 2015 @ 6:00PM
Where: Turlington 2318
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