Until He Returns

-By Qanit Takmeel

The call has been made
and I wait for our leader to stand.
It’s early morning
and we’ll never understand.

How long the siege shall last.
How long we’ll remain cooped up
in the annuls of this haven.
My heart has begun to stir up

emotional prayers. For the time
is ripe. The Liar and the unjust
have for long been torturing us…
It’s a test of our faith. He surely must

have a thorough plan. The white
tower is in front of me…
How beautiful shall be his face.
I imagine what my eyes shall see

As I walk to greet him,
That brightness in his face,
Better than anything else I’ve seen before.
His charm and his grace.

And then as I greet him,
He’d anoint and inform me of my
rank… And as I stand beside him to kiss
the earth. My soul shall fly.

“Come to victory”, the caller cries…
There’s rapture in my heart and eyes.